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Article: [ISSO TEA x Horinouchi Real Estate] A gift with a story

【ISSO TEA x 堀ノ内不動産】ストーリーのある贈り物

[ISSO TEA x Horinouchi Real Estate] A gift with a story

As we enter July, despite the intermittent rains of the rainy season, we can feel the arrival of the full-fledged summer!

ISSO TEA is a healthy and beautiful organic Japanese tea, and is often used as a gift.

This time, we visited the Honancho store in Suginami Ward to speak with Mr. Ooba, representatives of Horinouchi Real Estate Co., Ltd., and Ms. Yanagisawa, who use ISSO TEA as a corporate gift.

ISSO TEA (hereinafter, ISSO): Please tell us about Horinouchi Real Estate.

Ooba-san (hereafter, titles omitted): We are based in the Horinouchi area of ​​Suginami Ward and were founded in March 2019. We opened our main store in front of Myohoji Temple in October 2019, and our Honancho store in 2020.

ISSO: What do you value in your busy work and life?

Oba: I am now doing my best to take care of my health. Our work involves a lot of paperwork and sitting down a lot, so I try to be conscious of my physical activity. We eat out a lot and drink a lot, so I exercise to stay healthy.

ISSO: What kinds of exercise do you do?

Oba: I've been enjoying mountain climbing for a long time. I go to nearby mountains for a quick climb, and in the summer I invite friends who also love mountain climbing and enjoy staying overnight. I also started triathlons two years ago. I swim 1.5km crawl, bike 40km, and run 10km, but the event changes along the way, so there's a change of pace, which is fun. I also go to Kisarazu and Kujukuri.

ISSO: I see that you are concerned about your health. Is there an occasion where you enjoy tea?

Oba: I often drink tea when I'm at home, when I've finished work, or when I want to relax. I once had tea from someone, and that inspired me to buy a teapot for my home. I recently bought a large teapot that holds 700ml for my office. I hope to be able to enjoy tea when eating cake with everyone at work or at events.

Yanagisawa: I like hojicha and black tea, and I drink them often. I sometimes drink them hot, and in the summer I also put ice in them and drink them chilled. I drink them just like water, and I also make hojicha lattes. When I was little, my grandmother served me hojicha with rice crackers at her house, so I like hojicha the most.

Oba: It's ingrained in the DNA of Japanese people.

ISSO: Why did you choose ISSO TEA as your precious gift?

Oba: Because you can see the face of ISSO TEA. It's great that you can see what kind of people are creating the brand. Because there is a story behind it, it's easy to talk to customers when they ask me why I choose this gift. It seems that the people who receive it as a gift drink it with their children and enjoy it together, saying that the atmosphere of the packaging is different from their usual tea.

ISSO: Please tell us what you value in your work.

Oba: What's important to me is to face the customer. By doing so, I often receive referrals and words of gratitude. Many people choose us because of our personality and I feel that it is a rewarding job that makes them happy. I would like to continue to value my customers and do my job.

Mr. Ooba and Ms. Yanagisawa of Horinouchi Real Estate. It seems that many customers admire their personalities, and we at ISSO TEA would be very happy if we could deliver mental and physical health to our valued customers.

[Horinouchi Real Estate Co., Ltd.]

Head office: 3-5-15 Horinouchi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Honancho store 1-1-12 Horinouchi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo



At ISSO TEA, we have sets that are perfect for summer gifts, midyear gifts, and seasonal greetings. Some items can be wrapped in a noshi (gift tag). For more information, please click here .

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