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Article: ISSO TEA SCHOOL Vol.2 Talk about teabags

ISSO TEA SCHOOL Vol.2 ティーバッグについてのお話

ISSO TEA SCHOOL Vol.2 Talk about teabags

Hello everyone! We are experiencing more rainy days in Japan these days, how are you doing? The temperature fluctuates greatly. Let's enjoy some hot or cold tea depending on your mood.

The other day, a customer asked us a question about ISSO teabags, so in ISSO TEA SCHOOL Vol.2, we would like to talk about the teabags that package ISSO TEA!

Click here for a list of ISSO teabags.

The History of Teabags

There are many theories about the origins of teabags, but one of them is that they were invented by chance in the United States in the early 1900s. Thomas Sullivan, a trader who imported tea and coffee to the United States, placed tea leaf samples in small silk bags and distributed them to retailers. Originally, it was intended for customers to take out the tea leaves and brew them, but the bags gained popularity as they were convenient to put in the tea as is. Teabags are loved all over the world as a convenient way to enjoy delicious tea easily now.

Environmentally friendly ISSO TEA tea bags

Currently, there are several types of teabags made of nylon, paper, nonwoven fabric, etc. ISSO TEA has been researching environmentally friendly packaging since the beginning of development, and uses biodegradable, naturally recycled "Tearoad® Soilon®" teabags.

Yamanaka Sangyo Co., Ltd. "Tearoad® Soilon®"

Created by Yamanaka Sangyo Co., Ltd., based in Kyoto, Japan. "Tearoad® Soilon®" has the following features.

Biodegradable: SOILON is made from plant-derived materials and is biodegradable, meaning it can be returned to soil.

Naturally derived: Made from plant-based ingredients rather than petroleum-based, you can enjoy the natural aroma of the tea leaves.

Water permeability: With uniform openings and excellent water permeability, you can extract delicious tea.

Transparency: You can see the tea leaves inside, so you can enjoy their color and how open they are.

ISSO TEA teabags

ISSO TEA teabags are made by packing high-quality organic Japanese tea leaves directly into teabags. In addition to being made of pyramid-shaped mesh material, the large size of the teabags allows the tea leaves to fully open up and bring out their rich flavor. The bags are carefully packed by hand.

How to brew ISSO TEA tea bags

Teabags are great because they are easy to carry around. You can take them to the office or take them out and enjoy them when camping or on a picnic. We also introduce recommended brewing methods on the packaging, website, and flavor cards, so please give it a try.

Click here for a list of ISSO tea bags

Teabag single pack

Teabag in a tin and flavour card

Teabag pouch

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