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About ISSO

"Contemporary organic Japanese tea"

ISSO TEA embodies the idea of "contemporary organic Japanese tea." We handpick the finest leaves from a limited local production, comprising just 3% of Japan's total tea leaf harvest.  In addition to the cultivation method, our packaging prioritizes eco-friendly materials. Melding Japan's time-honored wisdom of coexisting with nature, superior craftsmanship, and a relentless pursuit of aesthetic beauty, our goal is to introduce a contemporary concept of Japanese tea to a global audience.

ISSO TEA Promises

We use organic ingredients grown in Japan
We only use natural ingredients
We embrace simplicity as our core philosophy
We support sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle choices
We create unique products tailored to your lifestyle



As we seek to deliver tea perfection, we constantly test every blend with an international panel of tasters.

We focus  on "communicating" the essence of Japanese tea to educate  both connoisseurs and those unfamiliar with the language of Japanese tea.  To that end, we meticulously select the highest quality organic ingredients and craft them into  blends that seamlessly enhance your everyday life.


Health ・ Sustainability

We have embraced a life in harmony with nature, giving thoughtful consideration to the health of our bodies, our  minds, and of our planet, as we understand that this underpins our very own well-being. From our producer’s cultivation methods to our packaging, we constantly strive to limit our impact on our environment.



We blend and source unique teas that align with each individual's mood and lifestyle. From a stimulating cup in the morning to get going to a relaxing brew to wind down your day, our goal is to offer a delicious, healthy, and beautiful Japanese tea experience that underpins your life.



We create elegant and minimalist designs that integrate effortlessly with modern lifestyles and interior decors. These designs are influenced by a uniquely Japanese approach of 'subtractive aesthetics,' focusing on simplicity and the essential.



We carefully select unique, organic ingredients, all sourced and handcrafted in Japan. Utilizing the skills of master craftsmen, we transform these ingredients into premium-quality products that reflect Japan’s heritage.

ISSO TEA's taste, quality and safety commitment 

ISSO TEA is committed to excellence, selectively sourcing only the finest tea leaves that have been certified organic by the Japanese government. We entrust the crafting of our teas to master tea artisans, renowned for their exceptional skills and accolades, including the highest gold medals in tea leaf finishing technique competitions. Our tea leaves are processed in a facility accredited with FSSC 22000 certification, the pinnacle of global food safety management standards. This meticulous approach not only guarantees the exquisite taste of our teas but also ensures the highest levels of safety and assurance for our consumers, embodying the essence of quality and trust that ISSO TEA stands for.

Organic Certification

The Organic JAS Mark is an image of the sun, clouds, and plants. In principle, only products that have been grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers for at least three years, meet the strict organic JAS standards for production, manufacturing, and subdivision processes set by the government, and are certified by a registered certification organization, a fair third party authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, can be labeled as "organic".

The Organic JAS Mark, symbolizing the sun, clouds, and plants, represents a high standard of organic certification in Japan. To earn this mark, products must adhere to stringent criteria: they should be cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers for a minimum of three years. Additionally, they must comply with the rigorous organic JAS standards for production, manufacturing, and processing as established by the government. Certification is granted only after thorough evaluation by a registered, impartial certification organization, which operates under the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. This mark is a guarantee that a product is genuinely organic, reflecting a commitment to natural, sustainable agricultural practices.

Origin of the name ISSO

ISSO TEA, deriving its name from the Japanese word 'ISSO,' embodies a profound cultural and aesthetic significance in traditional Japanese ethos. 'ISSO' symbolizes a deep reverence for nature and the landscape, underscoring the intrinsic value in even the smallest elements of nature, such as a blade of grass. This term reflects the philosophy that everything, no matter how small, holds importance.

At ISSO TEA, our mission is to deliver the finest Japanese tea, meticulously focusing on each leaf, its cultivation environment, and the meticulous production process. We honor the gifts of nature, blending them with the rich tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. This synergy is a part of our commitment to enhancing the daily health and wellbeing of individuals.

Our approach involves reinterpreting and adapting ancestral wisdom to align with contemporary lifestyles, sharing these insights globally. Our goal is not only to foster physical and mental wellness for each individual but also to craft our products with the highest regard for the global environment's health. This respect for the environment is foundational to the overall health and wellbeing we strive to achieve and share through our teas.

ISSO TEA aims to provide the highest quality Japanese tea by paying special attention to each tea leaf, its growing environment, and manufacturing process. In addition, by valuing the blessings of nature and combining it with the craftsmanship that has been passed down in Japan, we aim to support each person's healthy daily life. By reinterpreting and reconstructing the wisdom of our ancestors in a form that fits modern lifestyles and communicating it to the world, we want to create new options for people's lives around the world. We aim for each person to be physically and mentally healthy and well-being, and we create products with the utmost consideration for the global environment, which is the foundation of this goal.

Thoughts behind the logo

The symbol mark of ISSO TEA prominently features the brand's name, 'ISSO,' in alphabetic form. Its design, reminiscent of a solitary blade of grass standing amidst nature, encapsulates the essence of Japanese aesthetics, craftsmanship, and the delightful taste inherent in our products. Enclosed within a circle, the emblem also incorporates a decorative knot and an infinity symbol. These elements collectively symbolize our unwavering commitment to promoting physical, mental, and environmental wellbeing. Furthermore, they represent our dedication to health and sustainability, reflecting the core values and continuous journey of ISSO TEA towards excellence in every aspect.


ISSO is a brand rooted in the philosophy of "offering the world a window on contemporary Japanese lifestyle”. Our brand is dedicated to creating services and products that are inspired by the Japanese way of living, catering to modern individuals who seek to harmoniously balance urban life with the tranquility of nature. ISSO's offerings are designed for those who appreciate the unique blend of tradition and modernity, embodying the essence of Japanese culture while addressing the needs and aspirations of contemporary lifestyles. The brand's vision is to introduce and integrate these values globally, enabling people everywhere to experience and embrace a lifestyle that reflects the elegance, simplicity, and harmony characteristic of Japanese living.