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Article: Father's Day Gifts


Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day in 2024 is Sunday, June 16th.

It's hard to always say "Thank you" or "Thank you for your hard work" to your father. Why not express those feelings to him through organic Japanese tea, which is good for the body and mind?

The Charm of Japanese Tea

Japanese tea is a drink that has been loved as part of Japanese culture since ancient times. Its rich aroma and deep flavor relieve the fatigue of everyday life and soothe the mind. Japanese tea is also expected to have many health benefits, including antioxidant effects, a relaxing effect, and aiding digestion, making it a great choice for those of us living in the modern age.

Organic Japanese tea ISSO TEA

Organic Japanese tea ISSO TEA is organically grown and raised with the power of nature. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly and safe to drink. Another appeal of organic Japanese tea is that you can fully enjoy the original flavor of the tea.

In addition, ISSO TEA's packaging has a simple and beautiful design that can be widely loved by both men and women. Tea is available in leaf type, tea bag type, and matcha, so you can choose the type that is perfect for your father.

Introducing ISSO TEA gifts

1. ISSO Assortment Gift Box

If you don't know what tea to choose... if you want to choose everything... then we recommend the ISSO Assortment Gift Box . You can enjoy ISSO's representative tea leaves in individual packaging, one tea at a time. The specially made card, like a library card, will enhance your father's intellectual curiosity.

2. ISSO Signature Sencha (canned, with flavor card): Leaf (tea leaves) / Tea bag

It comes in a Signature Sencha can, which is known as the "ultimate staple." ISSO's Signature Sencha, made with carefully selected high-quality organic tea leaves, is sure to please both dads who love Japanese tea and those who want to try it for the first time. It also contains just the right amount of caffeine, making it perfect for supporting working dads.

Choose from the leaf tea type, which you can enjoy in the amount you like, or the tea bag type , which is easy to enjoy.

3. ISSO Hojibocha (pouch): Tea leaves / tea bag

ISSO's Hojibocha is made from only 5% of the rare organic first-grade tea leaves, and is roasted slowly from the core in a specially developed far-infrared roaster, giving off a refined, sweet aroma. Why not give your hard-working father a relaxing gift?

Choose from the leaf tea type, which you can enjoy in the amount you like, or the tea bag type , which is easy to enjoy.

ISSO Cotton Drawstring Bag

ISSO also offers ISSO cotton drawstring bags that can hold cans and pouches.
In addition, ISSO TEA offers a variety of organic Japanese teas.
Please take a look.
Click here for a list of ISSO TEA products

Father's Day comes once a year.
I hope that on this slightly special day in your daily life, you can convey your gratitude.

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