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Article: How to enjoy ISSO TEA

ISSO TEAの楽しみかた

How to enjoy ISSO TEA

At ISSO TEA, we value the importance of "delivering" - or conveying - Japanese tea, which has been passed down in Japan since ancient times and is still drunk on a daily basis today.

We hope that this will be an opportunity for Japanese tea lovers to take a peek into a new world of Japanese tea. We also hope that it will be an opportunity for those who have never heard of Japanese tea to open the door to it. We provide information on our website and ISSO TEA CARD on each tea, as well as new ways to enjoy Japanese tea through its flavor characteristics, recommended occasions, profiles, pairings, brewing methods, and more.

About tea leaves and roasting

We introduce where the tea leaves are grown, the characteristics of the tea leaves, roasting methods, etc. We introduce the richness of nature and the craftsmanship of various regions in Japan.

Caffeine and taste characteristics

It expresses the characteristics of each tea leaf and roast, such as the amount of caffeine, umami, astringency, sweetness, bitterness, and body.

Recommended Scenes

Use it as an invigorating morning alarm, when you want to concentrate, when you want to take a short break from the hustle and bustle, as a companion for the outdoors, as a way to hydrate while playing sports, or to relax before bed. Enjoy it in a variety of situations and for different moods throughout the day.


It expresses the flavors that can be felt from the tea leaves and roasting, allowing you to experience the diverse and profound characteristics of Japanese tea.


Japanese tea can be paired with a wide variety of meals, including not only Japanese food and Japanese sweets, but also Western, Chinese, Mexican, and pasta.

Recommended brewing method

We will introduce recommended ways to brew tea using hot water and cold tea. Of course, you can enjoy it in any way you like.


The ISSO TEA CARD was created with the utmost consideration to bring Japanese tea to the modern age. It includes not only information about the tea, but also the characteristics of its flavor, recommended scenes, profiles, pairings, and brewing methods, giving you the opportunity to learn new ways to enjoy Japanese tea. The beautifully colored card, inspired by traditional Japanese colors, is written in both Japanese and English. The card, specially tailored to fit perfectly with the assortment box, will tickle your curiosity about Japanese tea.

ISSO TEA CARD can be enjoyed with various products including ISSO Assortment Box , Assortment Drawstring Bag , Tea Bag in Tin , and Tea Leaf in Tin .

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