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■Material and size that are easy to carry Lightweight and compact. It has the same high transparency as glass, but is also scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant, making it a material suitable for everyday use.

■Just the right size mouth The mouth is a comfortable size to drink from. It is easy to fill with water from a water server and is designed to be easy to clean.

■Easy-to-open and close lid The lid can be opened with one turn, so you can drink your beverage without any hassle. Handle for excellent portability The top of the lid has a handle for excellent portability, and the shape fits in your hand and is easy to hold.

■Dismountable parts The silicone parts can be easily removed, and the inner bottom is rounded so dirt does not accumulate easily and it is hygienic.


Product specifications: φ70 x H200 mm / 500 ml / approx. 75 g
*Height of main body (without lid) H172 mm

[Containers, lids]
Capacity: 500ml
Material: PCT resin Heat resistance: 80℃

[rubber seal]
Material: Silicone rubber Heat resistance: 100℃
Color: Clear Dishwasher safe BPA free

ISSO Hydration Flask 500ml

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ISSO x KINTO Water Bottle 500ml. This was created in collaboration with KINTO, a Japanese brand that continues to create everyday items that emphasize the harmony between usability and appearance.

A lightweight and compact water bottle that supports daily hydration with the concept of "Be yourself, be light and comfortable anywhere". The bottle is transparent and features a white logo so that you can enjoy the beautiful light blue color of ISSO TEA, while retaining the simplicity and quality of ISSO that fits into your daily life.

The material is scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant, making it suitable for everyday use. The lid can be opened and closed easily with one turn, and has a handle that fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to carry around.

ISSO Hydration Flask 500ml
ISSO Hydration Flask 500ml Sale price¥1,760