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Recommended brewing method

Add 1 tea bag to hot water (100℃/212°F・230ml/1 cup) for 60 seconds. Shake the tea bag a few times, remove and enjoy.

How to brew cold tea

Place 1 tea bag in cold water (350ml/1.5 cup) and steep in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Shake several times before serving.

Recommended scenes

Relaxation, cleansing, warming the body


smoky roasted caramel


Chocolate, steak, ramen, pizza, Chinese food

About tea bags

The tea bags are made from biodegradable natural circulation Soilon, which is made from plant-based biomass material. It is an environmentally friendly material that is born from nature and returns to nature.

About the card

ISSO TEA CARD was created with an emphasis on bringing Japanese tea to the present day. Not only does it contain information about tea, but it also includes flavor characteristics, recommended situations suitable for modern life, profiles, pairings, and brewing methods, providing an opportunity to learn new ways to enjoy Japanese tea. Beautifully colored cards inspired by traditional Japanese colors, written in Japanese and English. Please keep it on hand and enjoy the world of Japanese tea.

About tea cans

A tin tea caddy made by a long-established company that has been making tea cans for many years in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Tin cans made of tin are airtight and do not allow light to pass through, so even after you finish drinking tea, you can refill the tea and use it as a sealed container for a long time. Along with the card, enjoy cans with different colors for each flavor, inspired by traditional Japanese colors.

Internal capacity

3g/0.1oz x 8 pieces

Raw material name

Organic green tea (domestic)

Preservation method

Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and be careful of scent transfer.

Hojibo Roasted Tea (Teabags / Tin)

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ISSO Hojibocha tea bags are packaged in a can along with a beautifully colored flavor card, ISSO TEA CARD. The cards are written in Japanese and English and are designed to bring the joy of Japanese tea to people both in Japan and overseas in modern life. The tin cans are made by a long-established store in Kyoto and can be used for a long time as containers for refilling tea leaves.

ISSO Houjibocha is made by carefully selecting only 5% of the stems from rare organic first tea leaves and carefully roasting them from the core using a specially developed far-infrared roasting machine, resulting in an elegant and sweet aroma. It spreads. We separated the large and small parts of the stems and carefully created them so that they would swell evenly and plump. Lightly roasted produces a fragrant, clean, and elegant flavor, and you can enjoy the beautiful clear amber color.

Hojibo Roasted Tea (Teabags / Tin)
Hojibo Roasted Tea (Teabags / Tin) Sale price¥1,620