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Box size: Approx. W231 x D122 x H85 mm

About Tea Bags

The tea bags are made from biomass material derived from plants, and are biodegradable and naturally recycled. They are made from natural materials that are born from nature and return to nature, making them environmentally friendly.

About Biomass Pouch

The pouches are made from "biomass film," a material that contains approximately 20% plant-derived raw materials.

About gift boxes

The white box features the ISSO logo embossed in silver and is tied with a subdued red paper ribbon. It is designed so that you can use it as a gift even after you have enjoyed it. The box is made from recycled materials and can be recycled.

Internal capacity

Signature Sencha Tea Bags: 3g / 0.1 oz x 12 pieces Hojibocha Tea Bags: 3g / 0.1 oz x 10 pieces


Organic green tea (domestically produced)

Preservation method

Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and be careful of odors.

ISSO Daily Ritual Selection (Teabags)

Sale price¥3,240

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A gift set of two types of ISSO tea bags (in pouches). This set includes Signature Sencha and Hojibocha, two popular staple products from ISSO that you will want to incorporate into your daily life. You can experience the rich and profound world of organic Japanese tea.

The gift set comes in a silver foil box with a subdued red ribbon. It is recommended as a gift to express gratitude, congratulations, or greetings to someone important or someone who has helped you.

If you order this product in bulk , we can also send it with a gift tag. Please feel free to contact us here for details.

ISSO Daily Ritual Selection (Teabags)
ISSO Daily Ritual Selection (Teabags) Sale price¥3,240