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ISSO TEAの名前の由来


Please call "ISSO" as [ˈ].
ISSO TEA, deriving its name from the Japanese word 'ISSO,' embodies a profound cultural and aesthetic significance in traditional Japanese ethos.


'ISSO' symbolizes a deep reverence for nature and the landscape, underscoring the intrinsic value in even the smallest elements of nature, such as a blade of grass. This term reflects the philosophy that everything, no matter how small, holds importance.

At ISSO TEA, our mission is to deliver the finest Japanese tea, meticulously focusing on each leaf, its cultivation environment, and the meticulous production process. We honor the gifts of nature, blending them with the rich tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. This synergy is a part of our commitment to enhancing the daily health and wellbeing of individuals.

Our approach involves reinterpreting and adapting ancestral wisdom to align with contemporary lifestyles, sharing these insights globally. Our goal is not only to foster physical and mental wellness for each individual but also to craft our products with the highest regard for the global environment's health. This respect for the environment is foundational to the overall health and wellbeing we strive to achieve and share through our teas.

ISSO TEA aims to provide the highest quality Japanese tea by paying special attention to each tea leaf, its growing environment, and manufacturing process. In addition, by valuing the blessings of nature and combining it with the craftsmanship that has been passed down in Japan, we aim to support each person's healthy daily life. By reinterpreting and reconstructing the wisdom of our ancestors in a form that fits modern lifestyles and communicating it to the world, we want to create new options for people's lives around the world. We aim for each person to be physically and mentally healthy and well-being, and we create products with the utmost consideration for the global environment, which is the foundation of this goal.


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